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Muskogee Housing Receives Multiple National Awards

The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, which represents more than 2,700 housing agencies nationwide, has announced its 2019 Awards of Merit recipients and Muskogee Housing has been recognized with five awards.  Muskogee Housing programs receiving awards include the upgrade of the heat and air conditioning systems at Honor Heights Towers, the Career Readiness Program, Eviction Intervention Program, HOPE Panty, and the Homework Helpers After School Program.  Descriptions of each program, as found in the directory of award recipients, are as follows:


Honor Heights Towers Comfort and Green Rehab Program

Muskogee Housing needed to retrofit a nearly fifty year old high-rise building with a more efficient and responsive heating and cooling system.  A system was needed to provide better year-round comfort, reduce energy consumption, and replaced outdated and inefficient equipment.  The design of interior "mini-split" systems allowed for individually controlled climate systems and provided a more sleek and modern look.


Career Readiness Program

Muskogee Housing recognized a tremendous need for career programs to enhance client opportunities to gain skills and knowledge needed to obtain suitable employment.  In September of 2018 the agency created the Career Readiness Program and collaborated with community resources that assisted in building skills in interviewing, resume development, workplace ethics, goal setting, and dressing for success.  


Eviction Intervention Program

The Eviction Intervention Program (EIP) was established in October of 2018 as a tool to reduce the number of evictions from its public housing developments.   The EIP serves as a mediator between families and community management staff and brings in community resources in an attempt to resolve lease violation issues.


HOPE Pantry

Created in October of 2017 the Helping Our People Excel (HOPE) Pantry is a resident services program that serves to meet the needs of over 200 elderly and disabled residents of Honor Heights Towers.  Through donations received from the community, the HOPE Pantry distributes food, clothing, and personal care items to those in need.


Homework Helpers After School Program

The Homework Helpers After School Program serves to support the educational needs of children in low-income housing.  Through community volunteers, the program provides children of all ages with guidance on homework assignments and fosters creativity through various activities.  


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