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Muskogee Housing is announcing that it is making the change to the use of debit cards for tenants who qualify for a utility reimbursement payment (URP).  Tenants who reside in rental housing where they are responsible for all or part of the utilities can qualify for an URP if the utility allowance provided by Muskogee Housing exceeds their portion of the rent, resulting in a "negative" rent amount.

Previously, Muskogee Housing paid these URPs directly to the utility provider on a rotating or seasonal basis.  This process caused a prohibitive administrative burden as utility account numbers had to be maintained for every tenant and voucher participant.  

Beginning very soon, Muskogee Housing will issue debit cards, provided by Key Bank, to tenants and voucher participants who qualify for URPs and those cards will receive a direct deposit each month equal to the URP payment.  The card holder can use the card as they would any debit card, including the ability to make payments to their utility providers.  

Additional information will be distributed very soon, including the specific date the program will begin.